Our Team Can Help You Renovate, Remodel and Redesign Fixer-Uppers

Not all fixer-uppers have potential

Whether a particular ugly duckling can turn into a swan depends on several factors. The best type of fixer-upper to buy is one that will appeal to the largest pool of buyers: a three-bedroom with more than one bath is the most common. 

Here’s our list of Top Considerations.

#1. The secret to making it a success lies in getting the place checked out by a host of specialized inspectors, learning how to evaluate the repairs, and choosing the right property in the first place.

#2. Location, Location, Location. Nuff’ said. 

#3. We stay focused on the home’s configuration.  The layout should flow.

If the home is chopped up with a bad layout, it can be expensive or impractical to move walls. Bedrooms at opposite ends of the home will turn off buyers with young children, as will a two-story with the master bedroom upstairs and all the other bedrooms downstairs. Kitchens with more than one entrance are desirable. 

#4. Evaluating Condition is basic…Separate the cosmetic problems from more fundamental ones.


Easy fixes include:

Patching walls, stripping wallpaper, and painting.

Refinishing floors, or laying tile or carpet. Installing ceiling fans and new light fixtures.

Replacing baseboards or adding a trim.

Fixing broken windows.

Replacing bathroom subfloors due to leaky toilet seals.

Refacing or painting kitchen cabinets or installing new ones.

Replacing doors.

Changing out receptacles and light switches.

Painting the exterior.

Adding a deck.


More expensive fixes include:

Replacing HVAC systems or adding central air conditioning.

Shoring up foundations.

Reroofing, when it involves a tear-off.

Replacing all plumbing, sewer lines, and electrical service. 

Pouring concrete for driveways, sidewalks, or steps.

Installing replacement windows throughout.

Complete kitchen or bath remodels.

Building garages or additions.


#5. Inspections for Fixer-Upper Homes

Roofing Certifications: If the seller hasn’t already provided evidence as to the age and condition of the roof, obtaining a roof certification is a good business practice.

 Pest Inspections: We’ll ask for a pest inspection and make the offer contingent on your approval of the inspection and any seller-paid-repairs. 

Sewer line inspections: We’ll have the sewer lines and septic tanks checked since as properties age, so do these.

Engineering reports. An engineer can make structural, natural hazard or geological items…we’ll pay attention to landfills nearby, contamination reports, and other detrimental resale hazards.

Interior Design & Landscape Advice

Not all fixer-uppers require equal fixing—and what needs to be fixed is subjective. A major rehab for one investor or homebuyer can be a walk in the park for another.

We’ll help you evaluate your finances, and to what extent you want to tackle a home that requires serious renovation to make it habitable.


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